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Let’s Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

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Cheers and woofs! Pet Appreciation Week is June 6–12! Here at The Inquisitive Canine, we’ve come up with four pawsome ways we can all show appreciation for the pups in our lives:

  • Be Their Voice

Dogs have a lot to say, but oftentimes no one is listening. Go beyond the bark to become proficient in the verbal and non-verbal ways canines communicate. You can be their personal interpreter and give dogs a voice! 

  • Be Inquisitive & Be A Hero

Knowledge is power – not just for humans, but also for dogs. Beyond obedience and life skills, there are amazing opportunities for your inquisitive canine to expand his or her horizons. This includes becoming a therapy dog, a search and rescue canine, or special detection dog. Dog sports and specialty courses can help improve your dog’s physical and mental well-being, as well as help strengthen the bond you share. Broadening your dog’s horizons will make you his or her hero.

Inquisitive Canine Be Their Hero
  • Be a Best Friend to Your Dog

Train with kindness, backed by science. Use humane, proven, reward-based training methods. Avoid the types of collars that shock, choke or startle your dog — they are you best friend after all! 

Inquisitive Canine Be Their Best Friend
  • Be An Advocate 

Whether it’s an update to local dog park policies, adjustments to state laws, or dog-friendly regulations you want to see implemented in your community, be the canine-loving change you want to see in the world. Think about how you can take pawsitive action to help move society forward into a mutually respectful space between dogs and hoomans!

Inquisitive Canine Be Their Advocate

During Pet Appreciation Week (and beyond), how will you enhance the bonds you have with your pup? We hope that you join us in being a voice, hero, best friend, and advocate for the dogs out there. Together, we can help make the world a friendlier place for all inquisitive canines.

We appreciate you! Thank you for being an inquisitive dog guardian!

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