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Harnessing Happiness with Your Dog This Thanksgiving

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Helping your dog be a pawfect holiday guest or host might sound like a lot of work. But holiday prep with your pup can be fun! Incorporating a dash of gratitude, a splash of joy and a healthy helping of inner calm is our recipe for creating a Successful Pawliday Season:

Step One – Let’s Give Thanks.

Our dogs are such good reminders that it’s the simple things in life that we are most grateful for– a moment or two of silliness, a nice walk side-by-side, some cuddle time. Let your pup inspire you to capture moments of bliss during this hectic season. Be thankful for (fur) friends. Taking opportunities to unleash adventures and fun together can be even more nourishing than a holiday feast!

Step Two – Share the Joy of Enriching Fun and Games.

Feeling stressed?You can turn to your canine companions to lighten things up a bit. Some exercise and playtime with your inquisitive canine can help shake off holiday-induced anxiety. Why not buy your pooch a special toy? (Or reuse one they haven’t seen in a while.) What about trying a new special treat? Then be sure to take a moment to enjoy watching him delight in your gift!

Step Three – Harness Inner Calm.

Holiday festivities might bring a bit of upheaval to your dog’s world. The behavior of stressed-out pets (i.e., eliminating indoors, excessive vocalizing, and/or seeming to forget every bit of training you ever did with them) can exasperate even the calmest, most grounded human. It’s okay. Try to be a little extra patient with your furry pals and remember to go easy on yourself, as well. Your effort to maintain a sense of mindfulness and inner peace can help your pets feel calmer, too. 

So, as we welcome this holiday season and near the end of another year of challenges for many of us, the Inquisitive Canine team would like to take a moment to express our gratitude – for you! Thank you for being compassionate and inquisitive pet guardians and choosing a pawsitive approach for positive results! ™

Wishing you and your inquisitive canines a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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