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Your New Puppy – A Resource for Pet Parents and Puppy Parents-To-Be

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The Inquisitive Canine team is rolling out a series of blog posts dedicated to new puppy parents.  If you’re expecting a bundle of (inquisitive) canine joy, read on to get started on the right paw.

Little Miss. Gigi Mambacita in Her New Loving Home

Of course, opening your heart and home to a new puppy involves more than purchasing everything on the checklist and going through a few days of house training. So, if you are considering, or already committed to, adopting or acquiring a pet during this pawliday season, we’re here to walk you through the process baby step-by-baby step. Throughout the series, we will explore some common questions new and expectant puppy parents face, such as:

  • What if the kids ask for a dog as a holiday gift? Chew on this – adopting a puppy means having a dog for ten years or hopefully more. That means parents getting a puppy now for their preteen kids will still be caring for that dog even when the children head off to college (or other away-from-home adventures). 

That said, once a thoughtful decision has been made, being proactive and planning ahead before bringing home a new puppy can help ease the transition and reduce stress — for people and pets. We’ll help create your ‘to-do before puppy arrives’ list. It’s up to you to check it twice! 

  • Puppy’s first night home – Are you prepared to provide for those Day One meals, bathroom needs and sleeping arrangements? You got this – if you plan ahead, as opposed to waiting until that cute little bundle of joy is melting your heart…and chewing everything in sight. 
  • Wondering how to teach your new companion to eliminate outside and walk calmly on a leash? We’ll guide you through training the basics using a pawsitive approach for positive results™.Yes – puppies are a lot of work. But the payoffs – the cuteness, sweet smell of puppy breath, the floppy playfulness- just might balance out the effort. And time flies by pretty quickly. Before you know it your cute little ball of fluff will be all grown up, so enjoy every moment together – even the 2:00 AM potty adventures! 
  • What’s next? Think of your dog as a toddler with sharp teeth and no diaper – forever! We’ll share tips for not only enduring your dog’s teen years, but also strengthening the human canine bond for alifetime of unleashing adventures and harnessing fun together!  

Are you a prospective pup parent? If you have puppy questions – ranging from how to find a dog that is a good match for your family to behavior concerns such as separation-related distress, please contact us. In addition to behavior consulting, The Inquisitive Canine offers private training for All things Puppies! Now is the ideal time to create a lifetime of good habits for everything, including: house training, developing relationships with other animals, leash-walking and skills to make vet visits fun.

Thank you for being an inquisitive pet guardian!

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