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Tips for National Pet Poison Prevention Month

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March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month – a gentle reminder to be aware of your dog’s surroundings, what foods you can share and when to use the “leave it!” cue. 

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Be Aware of Your Dog’s Surroundings

Common household toxins can range from prescription medications for humans to indoor and outdoor plants. Spring cleaning is a good time to review the concerning items (See Resources) and be sure that they are either removed or securely located away from your pet’s access.

Foods You Can Share

Additionally, once you’ve familiarized yourself with common ‘people foods’ that can pose a danger to pets, consider how and when you might safely share some healthier options with your inquisitive canine.

When to Use the ‘Leave It!’ Cue

Finally, for those inevitable times when someone has left a plate of food on the table, the roast is just a little too close to the edge of the counter, or you just dropped medication on the floor, ‘Leave It!’ can be a lifesaving skill to have in your behavior toolbox! A very useful cue, ‘Leave it’ means, “Stop what you’re doing and check in with me for an incredible reward!” 

Once this cue is trained, it’s important to continue practicing over and over, in different locations inside and outside. Then at home or when you’re out and about adventuring together, you’ll be confident knowing you can call your precious pooch away from potential dangers if needed. 

Here’s to helping keep inquisitive canines safe, happy, and healthy!


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