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Top Tips to Help Celebrate National Puppy Day

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Are you planning for a new puppy or currently sharing your life with a furry bundle of canine joy? Then mark your calendars for March 23rdNational Puppy Day! “While we’re all softies when it comes to our four-legged friends,” according to, “today is also designed to raise awareness about puppy mills and help prospective pet owners consider adoption.” So, for puppy guardians-to-be and new puppy parents, The Inquisitive Canine Team has compiled our top five puppy pro tips to help your family start out on the right paw.

Puppy Pro Tip #1: Make sure you have the right gear.

Look into the best force-free options for collars, leashes, harnesses, and treat pouches, so you can safely enjoy unleashing adventures and harnessing fun with your pup!

Puppy Pro Tip #2: Management is key.

Think about setting up puppies’ environments so that you can monitor them and make sure they’re making good choices – chewing on the right objects and digging in the right place, for example. Smart, humane, creative management allows you to prevent active youngsters from doing what you don’t want them to do. It’s also key in house-training

Blonde pug puppy

Puppy Pro Tip #3: Provide enrichment.

Safe, enriching spaces and toys will help teach puppy to be independent and enjoy “me time.” 

Boston Terrier Puppy with enrichment toys

Puppy Pro Tip #4: Stay up to date on health and wellness.

It’s never too early to start acclimating your new pup to cooperative care for husbandry such as nail trims and dental health.

Puppy Pro Tip #5: Teach emergency behaviors.

Life skills such as coming when called and leaving things alone when asked are good priorities to start with as you and your new best fur friend begin your lifelong training journey together. 

Here’s to many happy years of unleashing adventures and harnessing fun with your new puppy! 

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