Pets As Gifts

Be Inquisitive When Considering a Canine as a Gift

In our recent post on Creating a Successful Pawliday Season, we explored some of the hidden dangers for pets around the holidays – and how to avoid them. However, there is one hidden danger that requires its very own post: getting a pet as a gift for someone. The biggest risk of giving an animal as a present is that the person might not … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Leave it

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Leave It

The ‘Leave it’ cue is extremely versatile. It can be handy as you and your inquisitive canine prepare to enjoy a successful pawliday season together. And it can even be a lifesaving skill to have in your behavior toolbox! A very useful cue, ‘Leave it’ means, “Stop what you’re doing and check in with me for an incredible reward!”  Think about the times you would like … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine DIY Sit Stay

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Sit and Stay

Welcome back to Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program! We left off with tips for training the ‘Go to Your Place’ cue and its many applications. However, what you really want in many of these situations is for your pup to ‘Go to Your Place’ and stay there. So, let’s back up for a moment and explore a pawsitive approach to the Sit and Stay … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Preparing for Holidays

Creating a Successful Pawliday Season for You and Your Inquisitive Canine

This year, no matter what you have planned, we encourage you to enjoy pet-friendly holidays by preparing in advance. Your pawliday prep might include teaching new skills or refining existing ones, strategizing management of your dog’s environment, communicating pet safety guidelines to family, friends (and guests) and, most importantly, carving out some quality time to savor with your inquisitive canine. So, from The Inquisitive … Read More
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Go to your Place

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Go to Your Place

Next up in the series, Homeschooling Your Dog: Inquisitive Canine Edition, is teaching the cue “Go to Your Place.” This is referred to as a targeting exercise, where dogs learn to “target” (place) a body part -or even their whole bodies- on an object.  Since dogs can learn to offer this behavior in a variety of places and/or situations, it’s ideal for any time you’d … Read More
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Target Training

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Target Training

In this next installment of Fido’s Homeschooling DIY dog training program, we will explore the art and functionality of target training. Targeting is teaching animals (humans target too!) to use a body part to touch something with intention. This core behavior has many applications for other important skills such as cooperative husbandry (placing a paw in a human hand for nail trimming, for instance) and “place” training … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Teaching Dog to Sit

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Clickers and The Magic Word

Have you heard of clicker training? Do you think it might be complicated or tricky in some way? In this next installment of Fido’s Homeschooling DIY dog training program, we will explore the beautiful simplicity of clicker training.  In the previous post on Essential Training Concepts we discussed the importance of both clear communication and timing. To recap, when it comes to training a specific behavior, … Read More
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inquisitive canine halloween 2020

Tips for Keeping Halloween Safe and Fun for Fido During a Pandemic

Halloween 2020 will indeed be a little scary, spooky, and downright different this year. But, it doesn’t mean we still can’t have a little fun with our inquisitive canines! As a matter-of-fact, the current situation might work to our advantage, in that we can use the time to practice for next year — or whenever trick or treating will be on the “allowed” list.  … Read More
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Joan Hunter Mayer TransPaw Gear

Joan Hunter Mayer to Present at Pet Professional Guild’s International Educational Event

November 2020, Inquisitive Canine founder, certified professional canine behavior consultant, business coach to dog trainers, and sought after public speaker Joan Hunter Mayer, will be presenting a webinar at the Pet Professional Guild’s virtual summit, Geek Week: For the Love of Science. Geek Week, the week of November 11-15, 2020 is, according to the event’s website, “the ultimate virtual event for professionals working in … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Aslan Down Stay

Homeschooling Your Dog: Essential Training Concepts to Help You Succeed

In this next installment of Fido’s Homeschooling DIY training program, we will explore some commonly used training terms and ideas that are useful for establishing a pawsitive approach for positive results. An overall understanding of the following concepts will help while working with your dog in the “classroom” as well as out and about in the real world: Motivation Incentives and rewards can help bring out … Read More
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