Inquisitive Canine Piper

Mark Your Calendar for Doggy Date Night

Doggy Date Night is February 3rd! Are you ready? How will you and your Inquisitive Canine celebrate your bond and unconditional love? The website, has some fun ideas and we came up with a few of our own to share with you too: Make a date for some fun, enriching dog training. Think about how you would like your dog to behave when … Read More
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You Just Got a New Dog! What Do You Do Now?

Congratulations on your new pup! As a compassionate pet parent, you may be wondering how you and your inquisitive canine can start out on the right paw together. In our experience, the key to bringing out the best in your best friend is focusing on preventing problems, rather than having to solve them down the road. So, whether you are a new pet parent … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine National Train Your Dog Month

Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month This January

Did you resolve to spend more quality time with your inquisitive canine this year? You’re not alone! In fact, January is National Train Your Dog Month. So if you’re looking to enhance the human-canine bond and interested in tips to make training your dog a breeze, you’re in the right place.  Last year, The Inquisitive Canine provided a series of posts, Fido’s Homeschooling DIY … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Leash Walking Basil

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Loose Leash Walking

On leash walks, dogs often pull to get closer to things they’re interested in – ‘terrific’ scents, new places, other dogs, people to meet. They might even pull to prevent leaving a desired location or to escape something that scares them or that they don’t like. This is all normal! But it can be frustrating for us humans who might have a different vision of … Read More
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Pets As Gifts

Be Inquisitive When Considering a Canine as a Gift

In our recent post on Creating a Successful Pawliday Season, we explored some of the hidden dangers for pets around the holidays – and how to avoid them. However, there is one hidden danger that requires its very own post: getting a pet as a gift for someone. The biggest risk of giving an animal as a present is that the person might not … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Leave it

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Leave It

The ‘Leave it’ cue is extremely versatile. It can be handy as you and your inquisitive canine prepare to enjoy a successful pawliday season together. And it can even be a lifesaving skill to have in your behavior toolbox! A very useful cue, ‘Leave it’ means, “Stop what you’re doing and check in with me for an incredible reward!”  Think about the times you would like … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine DIY Sit Stay

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Sit and Stay

Welcome back to Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program! We left off with tips for training the ‘Go to Your Place’ cue and its many applications. However, what you really want in many of these situations is for your pup to ‘Go to Your Place’ and stay there. So, let’s back up for a moment and explore a pawsitive approach to the Sit and Stay … Read More
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Inquisitive Canine Preparing for Holidays

Creating a Successful Pawliday Season for You and Your Inquisitive Canine

This year, no matter what you have planned, we encourage you to enjoy pet-friendly holidays by preparing in advance. Your pawliday prep might include teaching new skills or refining existing ones, strategizing management of your dog’s environment, communicating pet safety guidelines to family, friends (and guests) and, most importantly, carving out some quality time to savor with your inquisitive canine. So, from The Inquisitive … Read More
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Go to your Place

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Go to Your Place

Next up in the series, Homeschooling Your Dog: Inquisitive Canine Edition, is teaching the cue “Go to Your Place.” This is referred to as a targeting exercise, where dogs learn to “target” (place) a body part -or even their whole bodies- on an object.  Since dogs can learn to offer this behavior in a variety of places and/or situations, it’s ideal for any time you’d … Read More
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Target Training

Fido’s Homeschooling DIY Training Program: Target Training

In this next installment of Fido’s Homeschooling DIY dog training program, we will explore the art and functionality of target training. Targeting is teaching animals (humans target too!) to use a body part to touch something with intention. This core behavior has many applications for other important skills such as cooperative husbandry (placing a paw in a human hand for nail trimming, for instance) and “place” training … Read More
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