Dog Trainers Dream Team!

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What a great day! Michelle, Lorrie, Anne, Amber, & Nathan…thanks to you all for heading south on a Sunday afternoon to “play” at the inquisitive canine. And thank you to family and friends for hanging out too! I know this dog trainer had a great time! My DREAM TEAM came for a visit! Who you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The folks that make … Read More
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Those animals learned…

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Well, mom and dad were finally paying attention… Dad was eating pizza, mom was spending time blogging on her site, dad got up from the table to get something (leaving that delicious pizza for me to investigate)…but gosh darn-it they finally learned… As soon as they heard me hop up onto the bench where dad was sitting, they both pounced on me…just like I … Read More
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I’m daddy’s valentine

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Wow, what a great day it’s been so far! And it’s only the afternoon! It started out with me sleeping in all nice and cozy with mom (she’s still not feeling well, poor thing), so again I got to play pet therapist… After I got up dad took me for a great outing at the field to play… Then, and this is where is … Read More
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Puppy Socialization – Risky Business?

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Behavior issue risk vs health risk – always a touchy subject amongst veterinarians, dog trainers, and dog owners…IMO, education – where classes are specifically designed and geared towards puppy socialization and prevention of behavior issues in a safe, controlled, and managed environment should be a priority with our domesticated dogs…Unfortunately, keeping new pups tucked away at home until they are well past the “prime … Read More
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Wahoo! Mom passed the test!

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Well it’s official! Mom is now a Certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator! Thank you American Kennel Club! She studied up like a good student, then took the exam…and passed! She received her evaluators certificate, and will display it proudly at The Inquisitive Canine Education and Training Center in Ventura for everyone to see. Folks love pet therapy, I should know, I am one myself… … Read More
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I’m a “therapist”…Pet Therapist that is…

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Poor mom. She’s not feeling too great. She walked in all hunched over with some weird look on her face…not the usual smily face after teaching her puppy classes. And the color of her skin is kinda weird looking…I think I heard her mutter “pale”. She turned on the heat – full blast – which she rarely does since she is the one that … Read More
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