I lOVE being an “errand boy”!!!

Dad and I just got back from running errands together – mom feels kinda bad that she sends us out, but I think dad enjoys our time together… Why? Well first we get to go play on the field, (we also practice our training skills that we learned in moms classes). Then dad will hit the hardware store, or Costco, or Trader Joe’s for … Read More

Dad CAN multi-task!

I’ve been having so much fun with dad – we’ve been practicing all the new skills we’ve learned in mom’s rockin’ Canine Good Manners classes at her Inquisitive Canine studio…the best thing is that dad has learned he can take “our show on the road.” Now we practice wherever we go, not just in class – I guess that’s one of mom’s goals for … Read More

Teachers “pet”

I’m still having so much fun being in mom’s class. And dad is great! He’s the one taking me ya know… Plus, he’s got the advantage because he lives with the teacher! You’d think mom would be biased and let him get away with more than the other students…HA! NO WAY! Sure she’s here to answer questions for him – that is an advantage … Read More

Did I learn anything at Hollywood High?

OMG! Thank goodness I’ve chosen dog training and canine-human relationship coaching as a profession! After all, this is my true passion – something I love doing every day! Something I find so rewarding – in so many ways… Why do I bring this up? Well, it’s kinda embarrassing – but lets just say I’m glad I didn’t choose acting as a career… I just … Read More

I can’t get away with anything!

Wow class was kinda tough today – not the training exercises per say… I just couldn’t get away with anything! That’s my mom the dog coach – she’s kind, patient, and loves all her students – but she won’t let you get away with some things…especially from me!  All I was doing was barking and whining at her during class while she was teaching…sure, … Read More

You CAN teach an old dog (man) new tricks!

Okay, let me first say he’s NOT OLD! My “man” that is… But, he can learn new things… Yep, three years after becoming a trainer and establishing The Inquisitive Canine, a year and a half since opening the studio…and my own husband, father of our dog, love of my life, supporter of all I get into, has finally signed up for one of my … Read More

One smart cookie!

My mom the dog trainer says that some of her non-dog-owning friends are some of the smartest “dog trainers” she knows! Take Miss. Dorel for instance. She was kind enough to take care of her friends dog while they were out of town. This friend of hers dropped of their dog, along with a whole bunch of stuff that’s supposed to stop the dog … Read More

Hmm, pretzels can only mean one thing…

Okay, maybe two things… or more… But in this case it means “bath time”! Yep – this inquisitive canine has figured out moms tip-offs for when she’s about to give me a bath. First she’ll mention that I don’t smell very nice…calls me “Mr. Stinky Pants” – Geez, she’s one to talk – she doesn’t smell that great herself after a run…although I do … Read More

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