Summertime FUN!

I can’t believe summer is just flyin’ by! I know I haven’t been hanging around the computer much. Thank goodness my mom the dog coach doesn’t pay me by the hour! I’ve been out and about spending time having fun with mom and dad doing various fun summertime things… We’ve gone to the beach, the parks, the fields, friends houses, play-dates with other dog … Read More

I love a PARADE!

Mom and dad took me to the Pooch Parade today… it was SO MUCH FUN! It’s the annual fundraising event that The Canine Adoption and Rescue League puts on here in Ventura down at the beach park. It’s really great that they do this – all the money goes to helping dogs in need of homes…I used to be one of those too – … Read More

A sight for sore eyes…

What a lovely and heartwarming sight to see… I LOVE when I witness dog owners practicing those techniques I teach in my classes…whether they are students of mine or not… Just today I saw two different dog owners providing love and attention AND yummy treats from their pockets when their dogs were sitting and paying attention to them as distractions were all around. Just … Read More

Bring on the explosives!

I don’t know what all the explosives are about – I usually find them a bit annoying…loud, plus they make a mess of the environment – but I guess you humans find them appealing. Well, turns out they’re not so bad…as long as mom is around. Seems every time I heard an explosion, my mom the dog training coach gave me a delicious little morsel of … Read More

Positively SHOCKING!!!

I don’t get it… I really don’t. As you all know, I am a dog trainer and behavior counselor that uses what’s called Positive Reinforcement training methods. Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean that I don’t use “punishment”. Of course I do… but not in the same as what I call old fashioned training methods.  “Old fashioned” methods tend to use what an animal … Read More

The better dog behavior question leading to success!

When it comes to the behavior of our dogs, we often ask ourself: “Why do you keep doing that (dogs name)?” As a dog trainer I get calls all the time with that question. At home, being a *dog mom* first, I will catch myself asking myself this question…usually on Mondays when the garbage trucks are circling the neighborhood about nine times throughout the day… … Read More

In honor of my mom.

Dear Mom, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day, and tell you how much I love you. I can’t believe it’s been fourteen years since our last “mom’s day” together. It feels like yesterday. You would be proud of me. All of the love, care, and compassion you and dad always showed towards animals really rubbed off on me. I’m a dog … Read More

Trip to Venice Beach proved shocking…

Went on a road trip over the weekend to visit my brother who was in town for business… We met up in Venice Beach…a place he and I used to frequent while growing up. Hasn’t changed too much – great place for people watching. What caught my attention wasn’t the humans themselves, but the dogs… Why? One reason was they were all so darn … Read More

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