Mom and Dad got smart!

So dad and I spend a lot of time walking around a certain special field here in Ventura – near to where my mom teaches her great dog training classes. Well, it seems that mom and dad aren’t too keen when I run off to check other people while they’re playing some game called “baseball”… dad gets really nervous because I want to run … Read More

Another dog-training hypocritical moment.

I got home from teaching class the other day – one of my fabulous manners classes at The Inquisitive Canine indoor studio… My wonderful husband and dog Ponchowere both waiting for me… we were all going to run errands together. I love doing that. Very rewarding for all of us. Anyway, as I walked into the yard my husband made mention that our dog … Read More

This dog trainer is such a hypocrite!

I’m talking about me folks. The patient dog trainer and human-dog relationship coach… the one who is able to fix everyones else’s issue’s with their own dogs… Yep, I’m the hypocrite. Making a public announcement and apology for everyone to hear. Ready? Okay…here goes… I’m a barker!!! That’s right – ME! I bark…sometimes way too much. Now, you wouldn’t think so. After all, I’m … Read More

“Kibble Hunt” for this predator!

Wow! What a fun day! My Mom the dog trainer and I played a new game today… I’m not sure why…something about a human holiday where moms, dads, and other adults hide eggs for children to go and find. I totally get the “hiding” part – I’m a predator after all, and love to go and find stuff with my nose. But why eggs? Why not … Read More

The *hunt* is on for my top dog!

I love Easter… Why? Because I get to play “dog mom” to my little one Poncho. I know I know, even though I am a positive reinforcement dog trainer here in Ventura at The Inquisitive Canine. I do know I’m an over-the-top dog mom too. Every Easter I like to set up a “kibble hunt” for Poncho in our back yard. This is actually something I … Read More

Therapy dogs and reading…

Let’s give a BIG shout-out to the Ventura County H.P. Wright Library! Why? Because of their “Paws for Reading” program. How wonderful it was to find out they offer such a delightful program to the children of our community – and to the many Canine Good Citizens and their humans too. Improving reading skills, as well as building self-confidence (for both the children and the … Read More

Ready, and ACTION!

Wow, mom might be in the movies! And a documentary at that…which means it’s important. Jennifer and Graham are journalism film students at the Brooks Institute here in Ventura. They feel very passionate about the “culture” of us canines, and want to help promote spaying and neutering to help the over pet-population…(oh brother do I know about that… I come from the Animal Kind … Read More

The Animal Doctor says my dog behavior was top notch…and so were my teeth!

Today mom dropped me off so I could have my chompers cleaned. Ahhh, clean fresh breath, pearly whites, healthy gums, and a raving report from everyone at The Animal Doctor. That’s where mom takes me for my check-ups. Dr. Shelly (Wilson) is my doctor…plus she owns the practice. Dr. Kris (Finch) works there too – she is really nice. Dr. Kris always stops to … Read More

Dog Behavior: a realistic look

Poncho and I just got home from spending a nice romp on the baseball field. Before we walked around ourselves I spent a few minutes just watching the young kids with their parents playing catch, doing warm-up drills, and getting settled in before they started their game. I noticed there were some kids throwing the ball in every direction they could – even if … Read More

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