This Dog Has Developed His Own Triathlon: Why enrichment is still important for your dog

Yep, me, Poncho-the-dog has now officially created his own triathlon! Not being a breed specific water dog, or a animal that can ride a bicycle, I’ve had to develop my own “course”. So here it is: Running with my mom the dog trainer  Retrieving my favorite toy du jour  Barking at trucks, big and small, especially diesel. You’d think, just like my mom thought, … Read More

Tomato Loving Labrador Retriever Enjoys the Sport of Scavenging

Hi Joan– We have yellow lab/golden retriever rescue dog that we have had for 4+ years. He has a terrible habit of eating the tomatoes off of our plants when they are about ready to pick.  We have tried many things to stop this including a wire fence, cayenne pepper, etc. He also likes to eat things off of our kitchen counters when not … Read More

We humans are the worst hosts ever!

OMG it occurred to me tonight while cooking dinner for my hubby and myself, that we humans are horrible hosts when it comes to our dogs!  Let’s face it, our human world and all of our customs revolve around food. Am I right? Everywhere we go, everything we watch, everywhere we turn there is something about food. Someone dies, we bring food. A baby … Read More

Two New Dog Training Workshops added to our calendar!

Just Added: Two New Workshops! The Inquisitive Owner: A dog “parenting” class. Friday January 30th, 12:00 – 1:00 PM. $10.00 per person ~ your lunch hour will be fun AND productive! In this workshop, you will learn important techniques that will prepare you to successfully coach your dog in everyday situations-whether you are at home or in a public setting. This monthly workshop is … Read More

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