Muttlow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Dr. Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) was a humanistic psychologist. He theorized that human behavior is driven by instinct and desires in order to reach an upper level of capabilities, and that the person does not feel the second need until the demands of the first have been satisfied, nor the third until the second has been satisfied, and so on. The hierarchic theory is often … Read More

Original Inquisitive Canine Discovers Blogging as Perfect Way to Harness Dog Behavior

Hello inquisitive canine’s and inquisitive readers! My mom Joan Mayer is a certified professional dog trainer and dog behavior counselor. I’m Poncho, her ten pound mutt that knows a lot about canine and human behavior. Together she and I own and run the Inquisitive Canine – a dog training and behavior counseling business in Ventura. My girlfriend Lorrie Thomas of Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing … Read More

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