Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges – Resource Guarding

Guarding objects is a normal, common, instinctual behavior in all animals, including humans!  If we don’t take care of our stuff, our valued resources could easily be lost or stolen – which are outcomes each of us tries to avoid.  So, now let’s consider our dogs. In the wild, when a dog [any animal] is in possession of, and wants to retain possession of, … Read More

Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges: Impulse Control (Part Two)

In Part One of this post on Real-World Solutions for Impulse Control, we explored a pawsitive approach to teaching your inquisitive canine polite-and safe- manners around an open door to prevent door dashing and described some training games to encourage Fido to take treats gently. In this next installment, we will walk you through training polite manners for greeting others while on leash. It’s … Read More

Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges: Impulse Control (Part One)

Let’s face it, if dogs were born with a strong foundation of self-control, well, they wouldn’t really be dogs, would they? That said, darting out the door, bolting down the street, going after someone or grabbing food can result in catastrophic consequences! It’s important for us to teach our dogs that, in some situations, slow and steady pays off. In this two-part series, we’ll … Read More

Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges: Begging

When was the last time you enjoyed a guilt-free snack? For us dog lovers, it’s not usually the guilt over calories that gets us; it’s those sad, sweet, pleading puppy dog eyes staring longingly in our direction.  We might interpret ‘that look’ (plus or minus varying amounts of drool!) as begging. But from a behavioral and scientific perspective, is that really what’s going on? … Read More

Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges: Digging

Like all normal doggy behaviors, such as barking and chewing, digging can be seen in many (if not all) of our domestic dogs at some point or another. And like other canine species-specific traits, each of these characteristics can be more pronounced in some dogs than others; where one dog loves to chew, another loves to dig. However, these ‘hobbies’ are sometimes considered problematic … Read More

Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges

Here at the Inquisitive Canine, we love and appreciate inquisitive people! You inspire us to explore practical, fun solutions to everyday challenges faced by pets and the people who love them. So, this month, we’re launching a new series of posts featuring easy-to-replicate techniques and skills that are sure to bring out the best in your best friend, whether at home or out in … Read More

Top Five Training Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

Before you and your inquisitive canine head out to the beach, hit the trails or visit friends this summer, take a minute to check out some of our dog training pro tips. Our love-of-dog training approach will help you keep your dog safe while having tons of fun-in-the-sun this summer! TIP #1: Use Positive Reinforcement to Strengthen Behaviors You Like and Want  Did you … Read More

Dog Training: Cookies vs. Corrections

Whether you’ve just acquired a new dog, have been a longtime dog parent, or are growing your family with a furry addition, you might find yourself seeking practical dog training solutions to everyday challenges. And if you ask around, you’ll receive many opinions. Sadly, dog training is a completely unregulated industry. That means when making decisions about pet training and management, we have to rely … Read More

Before You Foster or Adopt a Dog, Read This

Did you know that June is National Foster a Pet Month? If you’re considering opening your heart and home to an inquisitive canine, we’re here for you! Whether your new foster – or furever – family member will be a puppy or adolescent, an adult or a senior, we want to take a minute to walk you through some of the initial planning and … Read More

Dog Training Dilemma – To Treat or Not to Treat?

Since launching The Inquisitive Canine, I’m often asked about a somewhat meaty topic in the field of dog training and behavior – using food in training. So I thought I’d serve up a heaping helping of expertise in dog behavior with a side order of pawsitivity, discussing the who, what, how, when, and where of using food for training your inquisitive canine. Q: Should … Read More

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