Your New Puppy – Harnessing the Joy of Loose Leash Walking

By now, you might be sensing a trend in this Inquisitive Canine series of Your New Puppy blog posts. When it comes to teaching basic cues, house-training, or any skill, pet guardians can start by taking the time to lovingly teach your puppy what you want him or her to do. If that means cooperating while getting dressed in a harness and walking nicely … Read More

Dog Training Skills for a Fun-in-the-Sun Summer!

Long holiday weekends.  Summertime. Finally!  After a very long and trying year, people- and their pets- are more than ready for some outdoor adventures, including heading out to the beach, hitting the trails, and best of all, visiting friends. Before lacing up those shoes and leashing up your dog, we think this is a perfect opportunity to share some helpful and fun tips to … Read More

Unleashing Good Manners: How to Teach Your Dog to Greet Politely – Part Two

A composed dog greeting, be it at home or out and about, is one skill that is of the utmost importance in our human world. Everyone appreciates a polite pooch — us included! Below, we outline how to teach your dog that sitting to say hello gets tons of attention – petting, praise, food, play – while on the flip side, jumping up gets … Read More