High-Energy Puppy Is High Maintenance

Dear inquisitive readers: While mom and I are busy moving our local dog-training classes to a new location and getting ready to launch our newly added services — including online virtual dog training — we didn’t want to leave you hanging. Certified professional dog trainer Joan Mayer and her sidekick, Poncho So, we thought we would revisit one of our favorite columns (written by … Read More

Dog and Puppy Socialization: Great No Matter Our Age

If you know this 10-pound mutt, and my mom the rockin’ certified professional ventura dog trainer, then you know we’re all about proper puppy socialization! But what does dog and puppy socialization really mean? Well, I’m here to tell you… Similar to taking young children out into the world when they’re young, just so they can adapt more easily to their environment, and just … Read More

Dog Training Steps For First Dog: SOCIALIZATION!

Congratulations to Bo Obama! From what my mom the dog trainer said, he found his way into the First Family via Senator Edward Kennedy – got him from a family that was having trouble caring for him… that’s questionable, but I won’t comment – mom did that for me.  Okay, remember what happened with Barney Bush and nipping the (lack of common sense) reporter? … Read More

Dog Behavior Advice for New Puppy and Household Cat

Dear Joan: My name is Irene. I’m a lovely mature 16-year-old cat. Over the years some of my best friends have been dogs. I don’t hiss or bite or scratch. Recently my humans brought home a Goldendoodle puppy. What were they thinking? He chases me, and when I’m trying to snooze he steals my bed, licks my ears and tries to bite my feet. … Read More

Reining in Dogs Behavior from Scavenging Around the House: Managing the sport of counter-surfing

Dear Poncho, Now that I’m getting to be a taller doggie, I have no problem grazing the kitchen counters. I find all sorts of neat stuff and I sneak it out of the kitchen. Sometimes I can run out my dog door with the loot. I like sponges, pepper jack cheese, anything in plastic bags and cotton socks. I think it’s a great treat … Read More

Whose “PROBLEM” is it?

A friend and colleague writes:  “I need pet experts to offer me their top tips on treating the common problems of cats and dogs at home for a chapter in a ‘pet problems’ book being revised. Care to submit something?” Well shoot! Of course I do… I’m always willing to offer up my opinion, especially if it can help others.  The following are some … Read More

My vet approves this message!

Attention all puppy owners! And to those who know people with puppies and friends and family of puppies: Dr. Shelly Wilson (one rockin’ vet and owner of The Animal Doctor here in Ventura) has written to me that she agrees with the position statement the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has released on early puppy socialization, and how such steps can really help … Read More

Dog Trainers Dream Team!

What a great day! Michelle, Lorrie, Anne, Amber, & Nathan…thanks to you all for heading south on a Sunday afternoon to “play” at the inquisitive canine. And thank you to family and friends for hanging out too! I know this dog trainer had a great time! My DREAM TEAM came for a visit! Who you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. The folks that make … Read More

Puppy Socialization – Risky Business?

Behavior issue risk vs health risk – always a touchy subject amongst veterinarians, dog trainers, and dog owners…IMO, education – where classes are specifically designed and geared towards puppy socialization and prevention of behavior issues in a safe, controlled, and managed environment should be a priority with our domesticated dogs…Unfortunately, keeping new pups tucked away at home until they are well past the “prime … Read More

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