Sunday Drive

ROAD TRIP! I love going to Santa Barbara with mom and dad… Started out kinda rough with mom in a “mood” about sitting in traffic… I only barked a couple of times before we got to the freeway, but she got “that look” – and that tone of voice, plus that word “crate” and I knew if I didn’t put a sock in it … Read More

What am I a St. Bernard?

Bbbrr…’s downright cold here! What happened? Just yesterday dad and I were out playing in the big grassy field I love so much – just frolicking…chasing my tennis ball, barking at all of the wonderful trucks passing by. And now? Tucked deep in my little bed next to mom – good thing she has her nice indoor studio to teach her dog training classes … Read More

Original Inquisitive Canine Discovers Blogging as Perfect Way to Harness Dog Behavior

Hello inquisitive canine’s and inquisitive readers! My mom Joan Mayer is a certified professional dog trainer and dog behavior counselor. I’m Poncho, her ten pound mutt that knows a lot about canine and human behavior. Together she and I own and run the Inquisitive Canine – a dog training and behavior counseling business in Ventura. My girlfriend Lorrie Thomas of Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing … Read More

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