Gene Kelly I’m not…

Wow, you have to admire the man… singing & dancing in the rain? Guess he found that thoroughly rewarding. As for me? Singing? No. Howling at sirens is about it. Dancing? Bouncing off the walls – occasional spins through the air, but no official dancing (not until mom gets me into Canine Freestyle…some day). Nope, not this pooch. Especially outside in the rain. Nope, … Read More

Good goin’ DAD!

I love going out with dad… driving around, stopping and playing at my favorite field – chasing the ball and running around looking for new smells and things to roll in…(dad always lets me roll in nasty stuff…gotta love that)… then went on few errands mom had us do for her… Dad did really well at the “trucks = treats” game… EJ Harrison used … Read More

Happy New Year!

Well it ended up being a nice day with mom and dad… Got to get out of the dreaded wind-draft house…shopping for books and such around town… car rides are always fun…Plus, mom and dad made sure to tell me I was a good boy for staying nice and quiet in the car… although there were a couple of times I wanted to bark … Read More

Mom got a new shirt!

Well, it’s the new year and already mom came home with a new t-shirt! She was also nice and smelly, plus seemed to be in a good mood… Something about running in Santa Barbara, negative splits, and seeing other dogs on the “course” (hmph…other dogs…) – must only mean one thing – mom got to go run in one of those silly races that … Read More

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