Sure Fire Strategies to Teach Your Dog to Greet People Nicely

Teach Your Canine – Strategies for Better Dog Greeting The holidays are coming, and one of the best parts of this time of year is having friends and family over to celebrate together. For inquisitive canine parents with dogs that don’t know how to politely greet people, though, having people over often only adds to the stresses of the season. As a certified trainer, … Read More

Watch Me, Walk With Me: Loose Leash Dog Walking 101

Discover Loose Leash Dog Walking Tips Everyone knows you walk with your feet (or paws, depending on your species), but did you know that the secret to successful loose leash dog walking begins with a mutual connection that comes from the head and the heart? With any DIY dog training, you have to start with an understanding of inquisitive canine behavior. Put your pup … Read More

Back to School for Dogs Too – Basic Dog Training Session 2

Basic Dog Training for Your Inquisitive Canine Hey there inquisitive dog lover! Welcome to session 2 of our Back to School for Dogs Too basic dog training series. If you’re just joining us, check out session 1 for tips and lessons on getting started. If you’re continuing on, we say “Yay!” click-treat, and thank you for participating. For this specific installment of basic dog … Read More

Back to School for Dogs Too – Homeschooling session 1

Welcome! And thank you for checking out the Canine Back to School series. Over here at IC HQs we realize that transition periods between vacations and reality can sometimes impact our canine companions too, so we wanted to help ease everyone back into a schedule that includes some home-schooling, ensuring they develop the life-skills us humans appreciate.  As a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, … Read More

Pet Planner and Organizer for when you’re away

As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.” For many, this is true. On the flip side, we also find comfort in our daily routines, as do inquisitive canines. Meal time, walk time, play time, nap time, snack time, snuggle time, bed time, just to name a few. As a certified professional dog trainer and  behavior consultant, I can’t overemphasize the importance of … Read More

Puppy Parent Tip Sheet

There is no peak season for puppies, but my experience as a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant has shown summer to be one of the busier training times for young inquisitive canines. Any time is a good time for puppy training. Summer, though, has the added benefit of kids typically being out of school, which allows extra time for bonding and training with their pups. … Read More

Puppies as presents … well, you asked my opinion

As a  certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, during the Pawliday Season I hear this every day:  “I’m going to get the kids a puppy for Christmas. What do you think?” Hmm … where to begin … I’m thinking SO many things. Instead of bursting anyone’s “Hallmark moment” bubble, I just smile, giggle, and agree that having a puppy – or adult dog, or cat, or …– is magical. … Read More

Basic Dog Training – Step #1

Chances are good you are reading this because you have a new family member – an inquisitive canine. Congratulations and welcome to your new family member!  As a certified professional dog trainer and  behavior consultant, I take a pawsitive approach to dog training as an easy, simple, and fun way to enhance the everyday relationship between dogs and their guardians. Dog Training Step #1 is a super-simple activity. … Read More

Welcoming Your New Dog Home

Anytime of year is a good time to welcome a new inquisitive canine family member into your home — whether it be a puppy or an adult dog. As a dog mom, I know firsthand how life enriching and meaningful the human-animal bond can be. Everyday I give thanks for the relationship my 10-pound mutt, Poncho, and I have. As a certified professional dog trainer, … Read More

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