Before You Adopt a Dog, Preparing for Your New Pooch

Dear Inquisitive (& Expectant) Dog Parents, If you or someone you know intends on spending the pawliday season giving or receiving the gift of a puppy or adult dog, then yippee and woohoo! As a dog mom, I know how meaningful the human-animal bond is. I’m truly thankful each and day for the relationship my sidekick (Ringo) and I have. Speaking as a certified … Read More

New Class at Conejo Valley Adult School to Help Decide on Best Choice for Dog

The Inquisitive Canine is proud to announce they are teaming up with Conejo Valley Adult School in Thousand Oaks California to teach a brand new workshop on helping people decide on which dog to bring into their lives. Whether you’re thinking about bringing a canine companion into your life , or giving one as a gift you’ll want to attend this “before you adopt” … Read More

Animal Behavior Webinar to Help Prepare for Certification Exams

We are proud to announce that Heather Mohan-Gibbons, associate certified applied animal behaviorist and owner of Collected Wisdom Animal Behavior will be presenting an in-depth webinar on animal behavior and learning – A perfect refresher course for any dog trainer or prep course for those studying for the CBCC certification exam. Dates/Days/Times: Tuesdays.  Sep 6, 13, 20, 27 12:00 PST (1:00MST, 2:00CST, 3:00EST) Duration: … Read More

Painless DogTraining Tips to Help With Puppy Biting and Nipping

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately: “Ouch! My puppy’s teeth are like needles!” Yep – that’s what puppies do. Bite, chew, nip, shred and chomp some more. Their mouth is the perfect tool to explore the world and all that’s in it. So what are new puppy owners supposed to do to help the situation? The following are a few simple steps … Read More

Dear Inquisitive Canine: Moving to a New Home With Pets, Part I

Pre-trip tips for easing anxiety and helping dogs adjust to changing conditions Dear Inquisitive Canine: My husband and I will be moving across country in a few months (California to Pennsylvania), and we have three dogs that didn’t adjusted well to our previous move to Northern California from Central California. We are wondering what we can do to help ease their anxiety when packing … Read More

Hop Into Responsible Bunny Adoption This Easter

Welcome to Spring! April is here which means Easter is just around the corner. It also means bunny adoptions go way up! And with the movie HOP opening, they’re sure to skyrocket! But before you or someone you know heads out to find yourself a cute “Bugs” please take a moment to read the following information on tips for caring for rabbits, provided by … Read More

How to Play Matchmaker, Introducing New Dog to Resident Dog

Dear Inquisitive Canine, Several years ago, I brought a new puppy into the family “to keep my older dog company.” The older dog was a male Yorkie, and the puppy was a female Cockapoo. I intentionally bought a female because I knew that the male was territorial and thought he wouldn’t be threatened by a female. Wrong! I fed them separately. I gave lots of attention to the older dog, … Read More

Puppy Proofing Your Home: Dog training tips for new puppy owners

The holiday season brings a time for increased adoption rate of puppies. This means it’s time to plan for when you bring your new bundle of furry love home! Setting your puppy and yourself up for success is the sure way to start out on the right paw. This will not only help during the initial stages of puppy-hood, but will set the stage … Read More

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