Shelter Dog Bowling Fundraiser for Canine Adoption and Rescue League Scores a 300

The Pins for Pooches Bowling Fundraiser held on May 23rd at Ventura Bowling Center was a success and all-around fun-filled event! Everyone came out to support the Canine Adoption and Rescue League‘s new shelter dog volunteer behavior and training program that was started last month. After adding up the money received from the games of bowling and purchased raffle tickets, we ended up raising … Read More

Reasons Why and Solutions for Paw Licking and Chewing Behavior in Dogs

Joan: I have a quick question for you. My dog is always chewing on her feet. I’ve heard it’s allergies to grass. Is that true? Also, is there something I can do to make her feel better? — Emily Dear Emily: It’s a quick question, but one with an answer that is not as quick or simple. Regardless of the reason for your dog’s … Read More

Dog Breeding: DIY or a Real Profession

As many of you know, this dog lover and certified professional dog trainer is a huge supporter of all things animal rescue. However, I know that many folks, even some of my great inquisitive canine students prefer purebred dogs and would rather buy their four-legged friend from a breeder rather than adopt from a rescue or shelter. Check out the photo – there are … Read More

A Simple Dog Adoption Question

As a positive reinforcement, reward-based certified professional Ventura dog trainer, I am always looking for a “Good Dog!” moment – not just for my own dog Poncho the dog, but for all dogs… It just pains me when I witness dog guardians looking at their dogs any other way. Maybe it’s all in how you look at it. I’m not sure of the kind … Read More

Crate Training Your Dog: Creating a “Home Sweet Home” atmosphere

I’ve been working with many new puppy parents, as well as families that have recently adopted adult dogs. From each and every one, I’ve received the proverbial crate question: “What do you think about me crate training my dog?” Fortunately I have an answer: I think you should. Why? For a few reasons. Bedroom: Just like us humans, our domestic dogs need a place … Read More

Reasons Why This Dog Trainer Appreciates Dog Owners

I just had one of those awesome private dog training session today, with clients that just make me love my profession even more than I already do; the reason I love going to “work” (Really? This is “work”?), even on a Saturday afternoon. This very nice couple recently adopted an adult dog from a animal shelter in California, concerned that their inquisitive canine  “came with … Read More

Finding A Responsible Pet Sitter: Who’s Going To Take Care of This Dog?

I admit, I’m one lucky dog! I get to keep busy doing lots of things, like working with my mom the dog trainer. Including going to the inquisitive canine studio where she teaches her dog training classes and workshops when she uses me as her demo dog. Other times she brings me along to help with paperwork and inventory, or work at the computer … Read More

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