Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Pets as Gifts

Tis the season, right? That’s what I keep hearing mom talk about. You humans celebrate by bringing dead tree’s into the house, hanging stuff all over them, wrapping lots of goodies and rewards in paper, then giving these things to each other. Okay, well it’s gonna take me awhile to figure that one out…I mean come on, tree’s are good for sniffing and peeing … Read More

Is a New Pet the Right Gift for the Holidays? What to Consider Before Getting One.”

This is such a hot topic right now, don’t you think? I hear it every day, “I’m going to get the kids a puppy for Christmas. What do you think?” Hmm… I’m thinking SO many things, I don’t know where to begin. Instead of bursting anyones “Hallmark moment” bubble, I just smile, giggle, and agree that having a puppy (or adult dog, or cat, … Read More

Hail to the CHIEF!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about our new president elect Barack Obama! Like many, I cried tears of joy November 5th while looking at the front page of the newspaper. Now, I’m not going to use my dog training blog for political opinions beyond my excitement about change etc… but I would like to voice my sentiments regarding the ever popular … Read More

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