Local Dog Training Classes

Learn with local dog people in a fun classroom setting.

Our local dog training classes, taught by professional dog trainer Joan Hunter Mayer, are designed to be a rewarding experience for both you and your dog, where you’ll learn pawsitive and nurturing ways to reinforce the behaviors you want more of, while limiting the ones you don’t.

Classes range from pet parents only — like Pawsitive Parenting and Before You Adopt — to those you attend with your canine companion to develop skills for everyday situations in a fun way.

Our classes include:

  • Easy-to-replicate techniques to motivate dogs to want to learn
  • Intimate classes that allow personal attention to individual needs
  • Complimentary take-home materials custom to your training goals
  • Customizable lessons for beginners and those building on skills
  • Surefire problem-solving takeaways for everyday situations

Our public classes are currently being offered through the Santa Barbara Humane Society. You can view the class offerings, including schedule and registration process. You may also check our Events calendar for course listings and details. Have immediate questions? Feel free to contact us directly.

Check the event calendar to see what classes are currently available!