Does your dog ignore you? Get a little crazy when guests visit?  Jump up on people, steal things off the counter or excavate the garbage? This must-do class for you and your dog covers the basics and then some.

You’ll learn how to prevent common challenges while reinforcing behaviors you like and want. Learn skills that will enhance your relationship while setting you and your dog up for a lifetime of success.

Your dog will develop a strong foundation of skills that can be utilized in a variety of real-life situations, including at-home manners, out and about adventures, and even those unexpected “surprise” situations.

Whether a beginner or advanced, this class can be tailored to help you reach your dog training goals.

This class is taught through the Santa Barbara Humane Society. You can view all the details and register directly through their website.

Please note that it is mandatory that you register and attend the humans-only orientation before your first class.

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