K9 Nose Work® – Intro to Odor will introduce the use of target odors, the same odors used in competition. You will learn how to transition your dog to working on odor, as well as how to expand your searches both indoors and outdoors.

Class details include:

  • Pre-requisites for this class is the completion of K9 Nose Work – Intro to Nose Work with The Inquisitive Canine or another Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI or ANWI).
  • 6-week class, sessions run about one and a half to two hours
  • Cost: $180
  • Location: private location in Santa Barbara. Details provided once registration is complete
  • Dogs must have age appropriate vaccinations, licensed, on flea/tick prevention
  • Dogs must be comfortable around human strangers

The K9 Nose Work® class experience puts the dog first, creating an environment where your dog is free to express their natural scenting talents and learn scenting skills through problem-solving and self-reward. We promote fun, where the relationship with your dog deepens as you learn to trust in and support your dog’s newly developed talents.

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