Hosted by Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) School of Extended Learning

Help your dog develop real-world manners and ‘life skills’ while you learn effective techniques for raising a healthy and happy dog.

This live, online, interactive workshop covers training and behavior topics for learners of all levels. Each session will include discussion, practice time with your dog, and actively developing a training plan you can use with your dog outside of the class environment.

Students are encouraged to bring questions, something to take notes with, and treats for your dog.

To help create a more successful learning environment, students will be sent a short survey before class begins so the instructor can tailor the course to their needs.

This course is intended for dogs of all ages and abilities. And, because of the online platform, dogs that might not be able to attend in-person classes are welcome to attend this course. We say, “No dog left behind!”

To view details and to register, please visit the SBCC website class page.