This workshop is being taught through the Center for Lifelong Learning. Click here for details and to register.

We’re passionate about helping dog-minded members of our community enrich their relationships with their pets. The more educated we all are about dog behavior, the greater impact we make in creating a loving neighborhood for everyone while improving the lives of our canine companions.

This unique dog behavior workshop for humans goes beyond basic “obedience” techniques by teaching valuable canine “parenting” skills—so that you can succeed at raising a healthy and happy dog. From understanding the reasons why your dogs do what they do when they do it, to gaining the skills for developing a customized training plan, attendees will learn how to get more of the behaviors they want while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits. By the end of this workshop, pet parents will go home with skills they can use to train their dog no matter what the individual goals may be. This in-depth workshop consists of lecture, discussion, and Q&A. Main topics include:

  • How dogs learn
  • Motivation
  • Dog body language
  • Loose leash walking, coming when called, shyness towards strangers
  • On-leash dog-dog reactivity
  • Techniques you can use to stop your dog from getting into mischief
  • How to get more or less of the behaviors you want
  • Q&A

Additional information:

  • This dog behavior workshop for humans only is offered through The Center for Lifelong Learning. Please visit their website for detailed information and to register.
  • Location: The CLL Wake Campus. Room 16

PLEASE NOTE: as much as we’d love to meet your inquisitive canine, this specialty dog behavior workshop is for us humans only. Please make alternate arrangements for your inquisitive canine.

For additional information, feel free to contact us directly.