Joining a well-run puppy socialization class could be the single best investment you make in your puppy’s behavioral development. Our classes are designed to cover a lot of ground efficiently, while having fun, so everyone, especially your puppy, wants to come back for more.

Key training topics and exercises are included in each class, along with prevention strategies and solutions for typical puppy challenges likely to arise in the first few months.

In a safe and contained environment, you will: develop and enhance the human-animal bond; desensitize your puppy to handling; socialize your puppy and teach basic behaviors.

Puppies have time for supervised exploration and healthy social play. We’ll ensure the best possible experience for your puppy as we cover loads of important information about this very cute, and very important, developmental stage.

This class is taught through the Santa Barbara Humane Society. You can view all the details and register directly through their website.

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