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Poncho Gonzales Hunter Mayer

Adopted June 15, 2003 — Transitioned July 25, 2015

Forever in our hearts, always in our souls …

Dear friends,

I remember as if it were yesterday. I had been living in what I called my “interim home” in hopes of meeting someone I’d be able to “rescue.” I overheard the lady who was taking care of me at the time telling someone over the phone how much I loved tennis balls. A couple of hours later I found myself bounding out of the house, hightailing it towards the smiling couple across the yard. With a tennis ball in my mouth, I flung it toward their feet, flashed my debonair smile and offered a huge play-bow and tail-wag.

It worked — for all of us. June 15, 2003, was the day we all fell in love, becoming one big, happy family — forging relationships that will forever change our lives, and ones we would always be grateful for. None of us felt rescued as much as we felt blessed.

July 25, 2015, marks another special time of our lives. It was the day I was able to reassure my mom and dad that it was okay for me to transition. I provided love, laughs, and adventures, and taught them patience, teamwork, and skills for strengthening their marital bond. For mom, I was her career counselor, business partner, training companion, study-buddy and lap warmer. For dad, I was his tennis partner, exercise pal, lunchtime companion, and wingman. Trips across the country, all of the wonderful friends I’ve made along the way, sessions for our holiday photo, and everything in-between, together we created adventures that will be cherished and remembered forever and always.

Before my departure I confirmed with both mom and dad that I had fulfilled my destiny on this planet, ensuring I left it — and them — in better condition than when I had arrived. I will miss them dearly, along with all of the incredible people and dogs I’ve met along the way. But please know I am with you in spirit, and will continue to watch over you from beyond. And remember, watch for random flying tennis balls — that will be me saying hello.

With love, woofs and tail wags,

Poncho the Dog


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