Amy, Chris, and Oliver – Santa Barbara

My husband and I, and our dog Oliver, attended a workshop that Joan offered at the Santa Barbara humane society.  We were excited to attend the workshop because it focused on loose leash walking, which is something that Oliver (and we) needs to improve upon.  The class was fantastic!  We learned so much from Joan and really liked her approach.  She went over dog training theory and encouraged us to understand life from our dog’s perspective, and how we can use that understanding to better train him.  She recommended useful training equipment, which we hope to soon buy, which are effective tools and also safe for our dog.  She demonstrated how to perform training and then gave us an opportunity to learn during the class.  We were amazed with how quickly our dog caught on!  Towards the end of the class, she and her dog Poncho acted as normal strangers you would come across during a walk and we practiced our newly learned skills.  We took away many useful skills and have already noticed changes at home with our dog.

We look forward to taking more classes with Joan and highly recommend her services!

Amy, Chris, and OliverSanta Barbara