Catherine and Luna

My dog Luna and I had the pleasure of working with Joan in both her group class entitled, “Dog Training and Life Skills for Our Canine Friends” and through private training. Luna and I had recently completed a cross-country move when I noticed some behaviors that were concerning to me, like her appearing anxious and fearful in a number of new situations. My little girl also had a tough time listening in our new home and needed a refresher course on dog manners! Luckily, we turned to Joan who was able to help us with both, as she is truly an exceptional dog trainer.  From our very first meeting with Joan, it was clear that she would go above and beyond in trying to help us. I really appreciated her asking us about our unique situation and long-term goals for training while brainstorming ways in which we could achieve these. Joan was always incredibly hands on and so enlightening! In both our private training session and through the group class she was able to describe to me how to effectively engage with Luna so that training was productive and fun. I learned to recognize “triggers” that might upset Luna and how to avoid them through positive distractions. Joan also taught us a number of techniques to practice so that Luna could master basic skills and build upon others. These included techniques like increasing the time or distance when Luna was asked to “stay”, or showing us ways to master good on-leash walking. After each of our sessions together it was clear to me that not only is Joan an exceptionally knowledgeable trainer, but her gentle nature and endless patience are also invaluable for the work that she does. Thank you so much, Joan, for helping us transition to our new home in dog-friendly CA!

Catherine and LunaSanta Barbara, California