TransPaw Gear™ is our uniquely designed, patent pending, multi-functional dog harness that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs, while providing an innovative product for pet parents, dog lovers, and animal advocates.

What is TransPaw Gear™ Our unique features include:

  • Multiple locations for leash attachment, providing handlers choices to match the activity
    • Front-clip helps to decrease pulling
    • Back-clip for traditional walking and other activities
  • Design that allows custom fit for their inquisitive canine (we understand not all dogs are “off the rack”)
  • Dog-friendly: able to move freely, without cutting into area behind upper area of front legs or drooping around shoulders
  • User-friendly: easily adjustable, buckles with smooth connection for easy on and off
  • Materials that are easy to keep clean

Unleashing adventures, harnessing fun!©

TransPaw Gear™Purpose

  • To enhance the human-canine bond
  • To provide dog-friendly, user-friendly, and community-friendly products, services, and programs
  • To create social-change, and a cultural shift

TransPaw Gear™ – Putting the FUN in FUNctional!©

TransPaw Gear™Mission Statement

It is the mission of TransPaw Gear™, LLC to provide a high quality functional product for customers to use with their canine companions, harnessing safety and comfort for all. Our TransPaw Gear™ dog harness is designed and created to allow dogs freedom to move comfortably, whether they are out walking, engaging in other outdoor activities, or traveling in vehicles.
Our social mission is to educate customers on the importance of using humane, force-free goods and techniques when interacting with dogs. We believe that by offering high quality products that are designed and built on the foundation of our philosophy, dog owners will be empowered to make better choices, enhancing the bond they have with their dog.

More information coming soon, including official launch date and purchase options. For any questions about TransPaw Gear™, we invite you to contact us directly.