Personal Attention for Dogs, Flexibility for Dog Parents

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, ALL private training services are being offered online only. We’ve been offering virtual dog training since 2008, so we are used to teaching via technology. Please contact us to schedule a session or to find out more. 

All dogs are different, and some learn far better with private training, when other inquisitive canines aren’t around to distract them! In fact, there’s no better way to address specific training needs like basic manners, shyness and aggressive tendencies than one-on-one coaching with certified professional dog trainer Joan Hunter Mayer. Joan customizes your curriculum to make it enjoyable, doable, and motivating, to ensure you reach your goals. And, it is flexible enough to change as your life situations change, so you can develop the best possible relationship with your dog.

Together you and your dog will learn important skills, including:

  • Leash-walking
  • House training
  • Doorbell manners
  • Developing relationships with other animals in your home
  • Leaving things alone when asked
  • Sitting and waiting
  • Coming when called
  • Enrichment activities so your dog enjoys time spent home alone

The Inquisitive Canine offers three private dog-training options to reach your goals:

In-Person Private Dog Training

Perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of in-person customized training from the comfort of your home and/or in your neighborhood. Together, you and Joan decide where and when to meet, based on what is best for your training plan.

Online Private Dog Training

If you prefer to train from your home-base on your schedule, then private, live online video conferencing training sessions with Joan are a great choice for you. Virtual sessions can be anywhere from weekly hour long sessions to shorter refining discussions, making sure you and your dog are on track for reaching your goals.

Home & Away Private Dog Training

A perfect option that gives local and nearby dog parents a bit of both — some face-to-face private tutoring sessions with Joan, supplemented with convenient online sessions to track your progress, refine existing behaviors, and even developing new skills.