COVID -19 UPDATES for In-Person Dog Training

Our priority – as it has always been- is keeping people and dogs safe. The Inquisitive Canine follows current Santa Barbara Public Health recommendations regarding COVID-19. Proper hygiene practices are adhered to, including frequent hand-washing and thoroughly cleaning equipment between clients. Rescheduling is necessary if either party is ill or has been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID. For those who are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you wear a mask. Additionally, as we have for the past several years, we continue to offer online coaching as an adjunct or alternative to in-person training. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our ongoing dedication to keeping you and your families safe, today and always. Thank you for your cooperation.

Personal Attention for Dogs, Flexibility for Dog Parents

The Inquisitive Canine is dedicated to strengthening the human-canine bond and that means offering a variety of learning options for both you and your pup. A truly effective way to address specific training and behavior needs is one-on-one coaching with certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant Joan Hunter Mayer. Joan customizes your 100% force-free curriculum to ensure that it is enjoyable, doable and motivating, so you reach your goals. And, it is flexible enough to change as your life situations change. Our objective is for you to develop the best possible relationship with your dog and for you and your inquisitive canine to be prepared to take on life’s challenges as a team. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in private coaching for any of the following:

  • All things Puppies! – Now is the ideal time to create a lifetime of good habits for everything, including:
    • House training
    • Developing relationships with other animals
    • Leash-walking
    • Skills to make vet visits fun
  • Basic manners for any age: Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Come
  • Fear and Aggression — Does your best friend struggle with dog-dog aggression, stranger aggression, shyness concerns or fearfulness issues? Joan is certified in behavior and aims to bring harmony to your household by guiding you and your pup through humane solutions to these challenging behaviors.
  • Separation Anxiety – Frustrated? You’re not alone. While this is a distressing problem for dogs and their people, there is hope and we’re here for you. CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer) instructors like Joan use proven techniques that have helped hundreds of dogs already. Separation anxiety training helps dogs get to a place where they can be comfortable during time alone. And that means you can be more comfortable too!

If you’ve been searching for a Fear Free, force-free trainer who treats you and your dog as individuals and works with you to customize plans, brainstorm, troubleshoot and problem solve as a team, please contact us.

Using fun, force-free techniques, together you and your dog can:

  • Ace Basic Manners:  From Sit and Wait to Come when called to Down and Stay – You got this!
  • Tackle Advanced Skills: Building on the basics and implementing them into real-life scenarios:
    • Impulse control
    • Doorbell manners and greeting people politely
    • Leaving things alone when asked
    • Walking nicely on a leash
  • Conquer Common Challenges:
    • Staying home alone sometimes – discover enrichment activities so you can both truly enjoy some occasional me-time.
    • Vet visits – Did you know we can teach skills to actually make them fun?

The Inquisitive Canine offers four private dog training options to help you reach your goals:

In-Person Private Dog Training

One-on-one sessions perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of in-person customized training from the comfort of your home and/or in your neighborhood. Together, you and Joan decide where and when to meet, based on what is best for your training plan and your situation.

Online Private Dog Training

If you prefer to train from your home-base on your schedule, then private, live, online video conferencing training sessions with Joan are a great choice for you. Virtual sessions can be anywhere from weekly hour-long sessions to shorter refining discussions, supporting you and your dog in your training journey.

Home & Away Private Dog Training

A perfect option that gives local and nearby dog parents a bit of both — some face-to-face private tutoring sessions with Joan, supplemented with convenient online sessions to track your progress, refine existing behaviors and develop new skills.

Private Day Training

Devoted to having a well-adjusted, well-trained, enriched pup, but just can’t possibly fit one more item on your to-do list? Private Day Training might be the solution for you. After an initial consult all together, Joan trains your dog for you! Meeting with you briefly between each 30 to 60-minute session, Joan will hand-off the newly trained skills that you can practice and reinforce as part of your regular pet care routine. This alternative is really flexible and offers many options to fit your schedule: Joan can pick up and drop off your dog, work with your dog in your home, do some work out and about or you can drop pup off at the training facility and pick up at an agreed upon time. Private Day Training offers personal attention for dogs with flexibility for dog parents.

We’re so excited to help you and your inquisitive canine get started on – or back on – the right paw. Contact us today to explore a Pawsitive Approach for Positive Results! We look forward to hearing from you.