Joan offers business coaching services to help dog trainers, dog walkers and pet sitters in any stage of business planning: from the earliest inklings of thinking about starting a business, to just starting out in the industry, to “business nerds” who are looking to breathe new life into an existing business. 

Joan Hunter Mayer is a business owner of two businesses, The Inquisitive Canine and TransPaw Gear, dog trainer, professional canine behavior consultant, entrepreneur and public speaker. In addition to an MBA from Antioch University, she brings 15+ years of experience working hands-on with dogs and their humans to her coaching services. By helping fellow pet professionals, Joan continues to fulfill her mission of enhancing the human-animal bond, creating social change and driving a cultural shift towards force-free, mutually respectful pet care and training. She believes in barking with the pups and cheering for the humans, so her coaching style revolves around keeping your business planning tasks simple, practical and yes – even fun!

Tapping into Your Entrepreneurial Talents:

Do you want to help others with a new product or idea? Have a passion for creating change? Or do you have a creative solution to an existing problem?If you are thinking of looking to start a pet service business, Joan can help guide you as you:

  • Organize your thoughts 
  • Lay the groundwork for a plan 
  • Bring your new business idea from theoretical to practical
  • Transition from wondering ‘what if’ to successful implementation of your idea
  • Let your passion drive your entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Learn how to harness your creative energy  
  • Create a well-thought-out business plan for a new venture
  • Learn to shape your own behavior
  • Develop new skills
  • Become comfortable with handling every part of your business endeavor

Just Starting Out as Pet Professional:

Feeling a little intimidated by the prospects of planning and pitching your new business? It doesn’t have to be that way. Joan will help you:

  • Create a business plan, step-by-step
  • Take a “deeper dive” into the business planning process
  • Highlight what makes your product or service the best option for consumers
  • Define your target markets
  • Specify what resources you need
  • Identify what resources you already have
  • Determine your unique place in the pet services industry
  • Learn how to be authentic, transparent and comfortable with pitching 
  • Develop a spectacular Elevator Pitch
  • Be your own best marketing channel 
  • Develop and practice new skills 

Established Small Business Owners:

Whether you’re a total business planning nerd (like Joan!) or you’re looking for some inspiration  to revamp your existing business, business coaching will motivate you to:

  • Do a ‘health check’ on your business 
  • Refine your existing business plan
  • Seek professional feedback on current or future endeavors 
  • Reevaluate the resources you have and the ones you need 

A personal note from Joan: I started working for my mom in her office when I was eleven years old — and I worked for her every summer and during holiday breaks from when I was 11 to when I started college. She was a business woman herself, running the west coast division of my uncle’s N.Y. clothing company. It was she who taught me a lot about business – running a business, developing professional skills, and having the tenacity to keep going strong, even during challenging times.

Is your entrepreneurial journey similar to mine– or completely different? I would love to know! Pet industry folks interested in business coaching services, please contact Joan for a complementary, 30 minute, get-to-know-each-other call.