Which harness do you recommend for my dog?

What a great question! We highly recommend the TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness™ which was designed by our very own Joan Hunter Mayer. This harness has everything you and your inquisitive canine could ever ask for. Multiple leash attachment points, a unique design that allows for freedom of movement while at the same time keeping your pup safe and secure, water-friendly, user-friendly, and more! We invite you to check out the TransPaw Gear website to read up on how you can unleash adventures today!

Do you offer any free tips for dog parents?

Do we ever! Our Inquisitive Canine blog offers tips and solutions galore for anyone seeking answers to common questions such as leash-pulling, counter-surfing and crate training. In addition, you’ll find specialty topics such as fun ways to approach holidays with your canine friend as well as scenarios like making sure your dog gets invited to parties.

Do you teach obedience classes?

Yes, we do! Options consist of our custom group classes designed for you and fellow inquisitive pet parents or those offered through The Center for Lifelong Learning. You may contact us or click on the links to find out more.

I’m signed up for one your of group classes. Is there anything I should do to prepare? What do I need to bring for my dog?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start of class to allow yourself and your dog to get settled and complete any necessary paperwork.

As far as your dog’s attire goes, our Doggy Dress Code consists of:

  • A flat or plain collar
  • Your dog’s ID
  • Leash (4-6 foot) made of cotton, nylon or leather (no retractable please)
  • Regular or front-clip walking harness (our first and favorite choice!)
  • Gentle Leader (optional)
  • Muzzle: plastic basket, metal or leather (if necessary)

For more information on our Doggy Dress Code, please view our training policies and guidelines.

Please note that a couple of our classes include an orientation just for humans. Read the class description carefully to find out if “orientation” is listed for the type of class you’re signed up for.

My dog is well trained and minds her manners. Why would I want to take her to any classes or workshops?

Because learning is a lifelong process for everyone — both people and dogs! Well-trained dogs benefit greatly from the mental stimulation of new training. Training your dog is a fun way to strengthen your bond through collaborative understanding, and it challenges you both to try some new tricks by taking your abilities to the next level. Plus, it just makes for enjoyable togetherness-time for you and your dog!

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?

Yes! Your dog can benefit greatly from continuing education, which provides a channel for much-needed mental stimulation that can excite and motivate dogs of any age in ways similar to physical activity. Plus, the mental workout that training provides can be extremely beneficial for dogs with physical limitations. Learning and training with your dog also helps enhance your relationship by strengthening the bond you share.

I’ve already completed classes with my dog and would love to take more. Where do we go from here?

Wherever you and your dog want to go! Any of our classes or workshops can help you achieve desired goals, whether it’s learning fun new tricks or advancing skills. We understand that terms like beginner, intermediate, and advanced can mean different things to different people — that’s why our curriculum is designed to allow you to work with your dog at your own pace, according to your own level of comfort and expertise. With our guidance, every class can be modified to increase (or decrease) the level of difficulty, and we encourage you to focus on your own individual goals, no matter what level of training you may have previously completed.

I’m already juggling a busy schedule so I don’t have time to take my dog to class. What would you recommend for us?

We offer private dog training options so you can enjoy all the benefits of our classes at a time and place that is convenient for you. Whether in-person, online, or a combination of both, private training is an effective, convenient, fun and productive way for you, your dog and your family to engage in a lifelong education together. With private training, you’ll enjoy strengthening your bond with your dog through a highly customized training plan developed to fit your lifestyle and meet your individual needs and goals.

I noticed that your training methods don’t employ choke chains or prong collars to instill obedience. Why not?

The Inquisitive Canine is a force-free zone. Our methodology and philosophy focuses on educating you on canine parenting to get the behaviors you want. Through our approach, you’ll learn positive and nurturing ways to reinforce the behaviors you want, while limiting and preventing inappropriate ones — without having your dog wear uncomfortable devices. Choke, prong, shock and Citronella collars are considered “correction-based” devices that place emphasis on the behaviors you don’t want. They can also result in injury, pain, and fear-related behavioral side-effects.

It’s important to note that your dog’s behavior at home and in public is determined by dynamic factors that are often overlooked in traditional obedience training. Our methods focus on understanding canine behavior so that you can successfully teach your dog good manners through techniques that reward and motivate. When dogs are rewarded for behaviors we want, they are more likely to perform those behaviors, while less likely to perform the unwanted ones.

I’d like to enroll in one of your classes. How do I get started?

For custom group classes, please contact us directly. To view and register for The Center for Lifelong Learning classes, please check out our Events calendar. You may also visit their website – just look for the “Dog training” courses listed under Home and Family.

What sort of equipment do I need for online training?

For Online Training, you can participate in ways that work best for you. We utilize phone, computer (with or without screen-sharing), tablets, webcams, email, and text.

I have a question I can’t find an answer to. May I contact you directly?

Yes! We love and appreciate inquisitive people. Just head on over to our Contact  page, fill out and submit the form. We answer emails within two business days. You may also call us: (805) 965-3456. Please note, we’re based in Santa Barbara, California, PST.