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Business Coaching Services Agreement

Business Coaching Services Agreement

Client Information


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Payment Schedule

  • Rate for business coaching: $180.00/hr (USD) unless otherwise specified by Coach
  • Balances are due in full within 15 days of invoice delivery. 
  • Forms of accepted payment are: 
    • Check made payable to The Inquisitive Canine 
    • Electronic payment via PayPal or Quickbooks (Client will be sent invoice)
    • Cash (in-person only)
  • Payments later than 30 days will result in a halt in all work until payment is made.
  • Payments received after 15 days are subject to a 7.5% overdue add-on charge.


  1. The Coach hereby agrees to use their best efforts in providing services for the Client. The parties understand and agree that such performance may require Coach to devote significant time and resources, the Coach’s time commitment is at the discretion of Coach, and that such services shall be provided at such locations as the Coach shall designate.  
  2. Assignments are handled primarily by phone, fax, mail, and email.
  3. Changes in the scope of the work and/or project specifications may result in additional charges from the Coach.
  4. It is understood and agreed that in the provision of the services herein described, Coach is acting as an independent contractor and not in any way as an employee, agent or representative of the Client.  In providing the services covered by this Agreement, the Coach is not authorized to commit the Client to any obligations unless specifically authorized by the Client in writing in advance via email or other written method. 
  5. Either party may terminate this Agreement without cause by first giving the other party not less than seven (7) days’ written notice in advance of the date of termination.  If for any reason the Agreement is canceled before requested work is finished, the Client will compensate the Coach at the hourly rate of $180.00 (USD) for the time spent on the project through the time and date of the cancellation, plus any out of pocket expenses incurred up to that time.

Contract Validation

This contract is validated by entering your name and date below in total and as approval for this service.
(“Client”) hereby agree to the terms of this contract.
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