Your New Puppy – Building on the Basics (Part One)

As you and Your New Puppy continue your lifelong training journey together, you can use the foundation you’ve established and build from there. In this installment of this blog series, we’ll explore how the concepts you and your pup already know can help you approach each next step of this adventure, such as puppy socialization and preventing biting or nipping. Socializing Your New Puppy … Read More

8 Essential Dog Training Tips for Raising a Happy and Healthy Canine Companion 

Guidance and feedback are vitally important when raising a healthy and happy inquisitive canine. Not only for in-the-moment situations but for the purpose of teaching them to make good choices on their own in the future. With all of the information available on how to do this, we understand that at times the never-ending stream of advice can become overwhelming. How can we help … Read More

Your New Puppy – Unleashing Adventures in Potty Training

Next up in this Inquisitive Canine series for new puppy parents, we’d like to help get you and your new buddy started off on the right paw with some tips for house-training, so you can move on to harnessing the really fun stuff – romping, playing and enjoying life together! Potty Training Your Puppy: A Step-by-Step Summary: If you’re house-training a young puppy, recognize … Read More

Your New Puppy – How to Enjoy Fun and Success While Training the Basics

Greetings new puppy parents! Did you know that January is Train Your Dog Month? What excellent timing! Because for you and your new puppy, now is the ideal time to create a lifetime of good habits for everything, including eliminating outside and walking calmly on a leash. Since puppies are active, like to play, have lots of energy, and still need to learn what … Read More

Real-World Solutions to Dog Training Challenges

Here at the Inquisitive Canine, we love and appreciate inquisitive people! You inspire us to explore practical, fun solutions to everyday challenges faced by pets and the people who love them. So, this month, we’re launching a new series of posts featuring easy-to-replicate techniques and skills that are sure to bring out the best in your best friend, whether at home or out in … Read More

Dog Training: Cookies vs. Corrections

Whether you’ve just acquired a new dog, have been a longtime dog parent, or are growing your family with a furry addition, you might find yourself seeking practical dog training solutions to everyday challenges. And if you ask around, you’ll receive many opinions. Sadly, dog training is a completely unregulated industry. That means when making decisions about pet training and management, we have to rely … Read More

Before You Foster or Adopt a Dog, Read This

Did you know that June is National Foster a Pet Month? If you’re considering opening your heart and home to an inquisitive canine, we’re here for you! Whether your new foster – or furever – family member will be a puppy or adolescent, an adult or a senior, we want to take a minute to walk you through some of the initial planning and … Read More

Dog Training Dilemma – To Treat or Not to Treat?

Since launching The Inquisitive Canine, I’m often asked about a somewhat meaty topic in the field of dog training and behavior – using food in training. So I thought I’d serve up a heaping helping of expertise in dog behavior with a side order of pawsitivity, discussing the who, what, how, when, and where of using food for training your inquisitive canine. Q: Should … Read More

Let’s Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

Cheers and woofs! Pet Appreciation Week is June 6–12! Here at The Inquisitive Canine, we’ve come up with four pawsome ways we can all show appreciation for the pups in our lives: Be Their Voice Dogs have a lot to say, but oftentimes no one is listening. Go beyond the bark to become proficient in the verbal and non-verbal ways canines communicate. You can … Read More

Celebrate National Best Friends Day with Your BFF – Best Fur Friend!

Sure dogs are humans’ best friends, but are you a BFF to your dog? Of course you are! And here are some more ways to celebrate that most sacred dog-hooman bond: Enhance your relationship by creating opportunities to unleash adventures and harness fun from your inquisitive canine’s point of view. How about a Sniffari? Explore dog-friendly places in your own town and neighborhood. Yes, … Read More

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