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NEW! IC Original Pet Products

As both a certified professional dog trainer and dog mom, I have searched for products that my dog gets excited about, while being practical, affordable, and above all, functional. After years of being inspired by dogs and their humans, I am thrilled to offer my own designs and creations to fellow pet parents.

The North Star Dog Harness™

North Star Dog Harness Grey

Harness Features Include:

  • COMFORT – Available in 5 sizes with 4-point adjustment capability. Our unique design and materials provide a lightweight, comfortable, escape-resistant canine fit.
  • REDUCE PULLING, NO CHOKE – LIKE 3 HARNESSES IN 1! The harness features a front leash attachment option to help reduce pulling, a back clip to attach a leash for traditional walks and other activities, plus a utility handle for sports.
  • SAFETY – Designed to be fastened around the neck, similar to a regular collar, rather than slip on or off over the head (which some dogs might be able to back out of and escape).
  • REFLECTIVE WEBBING for low-light conditions.
  • DURABILITY – Made for extended wear; two sturdy leash attachments; ruggedly constructed; water-friendly and easy to clean, so pet parents can feel free to let their dogs be dogs!
  • EASY-TO-USE DESIGN – This people and dog friendly harness is simple to put on and take off of your dog with smooth clips and easily adjustable straps.

Ready to unleash adventures and harness fun with your dog?

Our products are tested on animals. They love them!

Treat Pouch Features Include:

  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION offers both versatility and durability!
  • MULTIPLE OPTIONS FOR WEARING, very accommodating and functional!
  • 3 COMPARTMENTS, use the larger main compartment for treats, and store additional items in the smaller pocket with Velcro® closure, plus a bonus zippered closure in the back!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY with two treat pouch liners. You can even take the liner and put it in your pocket. Use fewer plastic bags – everything is washable! (Hand wash with mild soap in warm water and air dry.)

Ready to fetch your new favorite treat pouch?

By offering high-quality products designed and built on my core values, my mission is to empower dog guardians to make choices that enhance the bonds they share with their pets.

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