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Online Dog Training

Live Online Training from The Inquisitive Canine

What is it and What Does it Offer?

As a loving dog parent, you’ll be thrilled to know you can develop your canine’s life skills and promote positive behaviors no matter where you are on the map! If technology isn’t your thing, don’t worry. No fancy equipment is required. Get that ‘same room’ feel through simple, effective training from Joan, all from the convenience of your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Benefits of Online Dog Training Include:

  • Convenience for dog parents with busy schedules.
  • Simple setup: All you need is a device with Internet access (Wi-Fi or cellular service), such as a computer and/or smartphone, tablet or iPad, and email access.
  • Live sessions where you can get answers to specific questions and training concerns.
  • Training takeaways that include canine life skills to last a lifetime.
  • Simple, easy-to-replicate techniques.
  • Opportunities for inquisitive canines to learn new skills (or refine existing ones) in the areas they will most likely need to use them – in and around your home or a familiar environment.
  • Guardians can create their own training spaces with easy access to your dog training supplies.
  • No travel/commute – save time and decrease your carbon footprint.
  • You and your pup can learn new skills at your own pace.
    Pawsitive, practical solutions to everyday challenges.
  • An ideal way for you and your dog to engage in lifelong education together, on your time, no matter where you live.
  • More than just dog obedience — a gentle humane approach that will help you strengthen your bond with your dog.

The Inquisitive Canine offers virtual options to fit your training needs, goals, and lifestyle including:

How Does One-on-One Virtual Coaching Work?

If the personal attention of a private tutor, combined with the convenience of training at your computer, smartphone or iPad sounds ideal, Online Private Dog Training with the Inquisitive Canine is the ultimate solution. 

Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one online coaching at a time and place that is convenient for you (and your inquisitive canine). Custom coaching sessions utilize Zoom/FaceTime, phone, text, and email. Joan will coach you, observing the way you work with your dog, then guide you – and often demonstrate training techniques with her own demo dog. 

Inquisitive Canine custom coaching includes:

  • Initial phone assessment to determine which service is best for you.
  • Pre-coaching Behavior Questionnaire and Goals Sheet.
  • Full evaluation of survey responses to determine training objectives.
  • Personalized training plan, with equipment and supply recommendations.
  • During training sessions, review of any submitted home videos to track your training progress and guide your plan.
  • Email/phone access for questions, troubleshooting, or to clarify management steps (one hour total per weekly session).


Why wait? Discover how a customized training plan developed to fit your lifestyle and meet your individual needs can help you reach your goals today.

Virtual Consulting for Separation Anxiety

While separation anxiety is sometimes seen as a frustrating problem to solve, there is absolutely hope! Joan Hunter Mayer is a certified separation anxiety trainer (CSAT), which means she has the knowledge, skills, patience, and empathy to help separation-phobic dogs and their guardians work through the challenges they face.

And, Separation Anxiety training is perfectly suited to a virtual/remote coaching model, where your sessions with Joan occur over a video chat service like Skype or Zoom. Virtual coaching helps pet parents work with their dogs in a setting that feels natural to the dog, closely resembling everyday life. 

Virtual Group Training Workshops - The Answer You’ve Been Looking For? - Coming soon!

Juggling a busy schedule with no time to attend in-person training classes with your inquisitive canine? No problem! We offer virtual dog training workshops so you can enjoy the benefits of our classes from the convenience of your own home.  

Whether you want to explore general dog training tips and techniques, specific skills (such as recall), learn about enrichment activities for your inquisitive canine or dive into case studies, ‘live’ virtual training workshops are an effective, productive, and fun option. Using the convenience of your computer or smartphone, The Inquisitive Canine can help you train the basics or delve deeper into canine behavior, while you network with other like-minded pet parents.

Check our calendar page for a list of upcoming classes. (Classes are scheduled to begin during late Spring 2022. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so you receive the latest and greatest news and updates!) 

Within and beyond Santa Barbara, discover the benefits of online dog training for your busy lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about which virtual dog training option is best for you and your inquisitive canine. Whatever your goals, we are here for you and your canine companion with a Pawsitive Approach for Positive Results. ™ We look forward to hearing from you!


Start your dog training journey today!

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