A Tail Waggin’ Resource for All Your Canine Communication Needs

Check Out This Resource for Better Canine Communication We recently wrote about understanding dog body language, but what about other forms of canine communication? Care to brush up on your Doggish-to-English language skills? Discover reasons for raised hackles, growling, and paw raises? How about learning the differences between your dog’s variety of barks? Well, have we got a special treat for you! Our fellow … Read More

Don’t Speak Woof? Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Tips to Help You Better Understand Dog Body Language Have you ever wished that you and your dog spoke the same language? While we don’t share the same vocal language, when you really think about it, we can very effectively and successfully read each other and mutually communicate our needs nonverbally, using body language. In fact, most of what your dog has to “say” … Read More

Building Trust with Your New Bashful Bow-wow

Dear Inquisitive Canine,  Our new Shih Tzu puppy hides from us, only coming out when no one is around. She also lowers her head when we pet her. I know it takes time, but I’ve heard some dogs will start interacting with their new environment after 1-3 days, and tomorrow will be her third day here. I just want her to be a happy … Read More

Training Tips for Dog-Eat-Dog Sibling Rivalry

Dear Inquisitive Canine: I have two male Yorkshire terriers, Smokey and Charlie. They are about 2 years old, half-brothers (same father), and up until four months ago they slept together, played with each other and even ate and drank from the same bowls. After breeding Smokey (in our home), we noticed that he started to become upset at various times toward Charlie — especially … Read More