Sporting Activities Offer Fun Options for Dog Training

Nowadays the list of inquisitive canine specific sports and activities is getting longer and longer. As both a dog trainer and dog mom I think that’s fabulous! It’s wonderful to have so many options that both dogs and humans can choose from. Seems there’s something that fits preferences, lifestyle and fitness level – for everyone. Keep in mind though that dogs usually have their preferences … Read More

Dog Bully Behavior: How to help protect your dog from getting picked on

I recently answered a question about”dog play” for our syndicated dog behavior advice column Dear Inquisitive Canine. “Anxious in Austin” has a Cocker Spaniel who seems to be terrorized by the neighbor’s “nightmare of a Pomeranian”. When situations like this arise, it is important to be able to recognize appropriate dog play… Venture to any off-leash dog arena and these are the types of behaviors … Read More