Make Howl-een a Good Time for Your Dog


The BIG day – and night – is finally here! I can already smell the chicken… We began our howleen celebration early with pawtying it up Saturday night. Mom, dad and I dressed up and went to hang out with friends, visiting and eating lots of treats. My kind of night for sure!

Tonight’s affairs will be a little different though since we’re staying in to meet all the little ghosts and goblins that come to our door. This is one of our favorite pawlidays because we get to practice my door greeting skills.

Whether you’re heading out going door to door, or staying in to meet and greet, we wanted to make sure you and your inquisitive canine have a safe and happy evening too. For some quick tips and reminders, check out this post on making Halloween safe for your dog, and this one for how to use this eventful evening to your advantage!


How to Make Halloween a Real Treat for Your Dog

Dear Inquisitive Dog Guardians,

Fall is officially here! The air is a little crisper, white shoes are placed in the back of the Poncho in His Shell closet, gourds are now decorations and football is topping the sports highlights. Being October, this also means Halloween! Well, here at Inquisitive Canine headquarters, Poncho and I thought it’d be a great idea to share our training tips for creating an evening of fun for you and your dog that’s anything but spooky. For this month’s installment, we’re covering both door greeting and dressing up, and hope you find the information a real treat!

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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets, Making Fright Night Fun and Safe

Well folks it’s that time of year again when my dog trainer mom encourages yours truly to play dress-up. Yep, it’s Halloween! This means costumes – but it also means TREATS! And when it comes to being dressed as something like a skunk, it means  CHICKEN!

As much of a hippie as I am – cuz I’d rather be naked, when it comes to chicken I’ll do just about anything. I’m not sure what she ordered this year, or how many outfits I’ll have – I’ve been told I have more than Cher. Hmm, I wonder if she gets chicken too?

Anyway, as an inquisitive canine who enjoys this “fright night” as much as all the little ghosts and goblins, I thought it’d be a good idea to throw in my two cents on helping to keep your pets safe. Continue Reading “Halloween Safety Tips for Pets, Making Fright Night Fun and Safe”