Packing These Dog Behaviors Helps Make Outing a Walk in the Park

Heading to an off-leash dog location with your inquisitive canine? Remember to bring along a few useful behaviors to make your outing an ideal situation. The following are a few I would bring along to help knock any challenge outta the park! Eye-contact: this helps to remind your dog of the fabulous relationship you share and that you’re there together. And, when they’re looking at you … Read More

Dog Training Tips for Door-Dashing Dogs

My friend Colleen Mihelich, owner and founder of Peternity and awesome dog-mom to Romeo was asking me about the subject of “door dashing”. Seems like Romeo enjoys the sport of taking off out the front door, with emphasis on RUN! As a certified professional dog trainer, I hear this from many dog training class students and private dog training clients, and I’d have to … Read More