Whether it be Dogs or Other Species, Training and Behavior Modification are Same

I love behavior – which is a good thing, considering I’m a certified dog trainer. I also enjoy observing the interactions – behaviors – not only between inquisitive canines, but other species as well. Recently, I witnessed a conversation between a father and his young son – about 4 years old I’d guess – that could have been written for a behavior modification course. … Read More

Real Simple Dog Training Steps to Make Life Easier on Dogs and Dog Owners

When it comes to dog behavior and training, it’s common for many to lose sight of the bigger picture of how great our dogs are. In general people tend to focus on the irritating things their dog does, even though these are often the behaviors that drew them to their pooches in the first place. As a professional dog trainer I like to remind … Read More

Dog Training Tips for Door-Dashing Dogs

My friend Colleen Mihelich, owner and founder of Peternity and awesome dog-mom to Romeo was asking me about the subject of “door dashing”. Seems like Romeo enjoys the sport of taking off out the front door, with emphasis on RUN! As a certified professional dog trainer, I hear this from many dog training class students and private dog training clients, and I’d have to … Read More