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Training Policies and Guidelines

Private Training and Online Coaching

Cancellation/rescheduling must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment or client will be invoiced for the full amount. Pre-paid sessions must be used within time frame as outlined by trainer and as written on client receipt.  If Company, for any reason, must cancel any scheduled event, Client will be refunded the full amount paid.

We do not offer refunds for pay-as-you-go private training services.


We accept personal checks made payable to The Inquisitive Canine, LLC, or cash. Payment is due at time of (or before) private training services, or the start of the first class or play session. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. We do NOT accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or EFT for private training services. PayPal is accepted through the payment gateway of our group classes and workshops.

Doggy Dress Code

Our rewards-based training environment encompasses a fashion-forward style. Please note that we do not use electronic, choke, prong or citronella collars. Required items are marked with an “*”, other items listed are optional:

  • A flat or plain collar*
  • Your dog’s ID tag*
  • Leash (4-6 foot) made of cotton, nylon or leather (no retractable please)*
  • Harness (with both front and back leash attachment points is ideal)
  • Muzzle: plastic basket, metal or leather (if necessary)

For In-Person Group Classes and Workshops

Safety Upon Arrival

When you enter the classroom, please take care around other dogs you see, since some may become overly excited and do all they can to meet your dog. If your dog is hard to control, or you have difficulties entering the classroom, please wait outside and an assistant or the trainer will come out to help you and your dog enter. Thank you for your cooperation!

Approaching and Petting Dogs

Some dogs are not friendly toward or comfortable around people they don’t know. Please do not approach or pet any other dogs in the class. If you have a child attending class with you and your child wants to meet another dog, please note that greeting other dogs can only be done after obtaining permission from the other dog’s owner and must take place during non-classroom teaching time.

Illness and Attendance (Canines)

For the comfort of all our students, we only allow healthy dogs to attend class. We are sorry if your dog is ill, but kindly keep him or her at home, so as not to spread germs, and be sure to contact your veterinarian if needed. We also request that dog parents stay home when ill, and send along another family member with the dog to participate in the class, if possible.

Unaltered Dogs

For safety purposes, dogs that are not spayed or neutered are prohibited from attending classes where there is off-leash interaction between dogs, with the exception of Puppy Manners. Unaltered dogs are more frequently targeted in playgroups by other dogs because of the way they smell. Fights can ensue, which endanger all dogs and dog parents present, as well as the Inquisitive Canine staff. Please note, however, that unaltered dogs are permitted in classes in which dogs are on a leash.

Female Dogs in Heat

We apologize for the inconvenience, but female dogs in heat may not attend class.

Disruptive Dogs

In order to protect all participants in a class, we reserve the right to decline entry to, or remove from class, any dog who presents behavioral issues that may be deemed overly dangerous or disruptive, or that may be or exacerbated by participation in a group or class setting. Depending on the circumstance, credit for unattended sessions may be granted, and we may recommend our private training option, which includes behavior consulting. We have an excellent track record of success with dogs that are initially unable to attend a group class.

Biting and Fighting

If your dog has ever bitten anyone — including you, a family member, a friend or a stranger — enough to break the skin (excluding puppies playing), or if your dog has ever been involved in a dog fight, please call before registering. We often recommend private lessons and private consulting to help you successfully deal with this behavior.

Children in Class

We encourage children to share in the training process. Please observe our guidelines for their participation:

  • All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or have written permission from a parent or guardian to attend with another adult who will serve as the minor’s guardian during class.
  • Children must remain under parental supervision at all times. We ask that they remain seated during lectures and discussions, and remain alongside you and your dog during training exercises.
  • Children below age 9 must be supervised by an older sibling or adult.
  • Please use “indoor voices” in the classroom arena and do not run. “Heelies” or other types of shoes with wheels are not permitted.
  • If you feel your child may become restless during class, please feel free to bring quiet activities that he or she would enjoy.


Dog(s) participating in private and group training service(s) must be current for Rabies and all other legally required vaccinations.

For group classes and workshops, all puppies are required to have completed the Parvo vaccine series.  Additional vaccinations, including distemper, hepatitis, and parainfluenza, are not required, but strongly encouraged unless otherwise directed by the indicated veterinarian. Owner to provide official documentation indicating vaccinations are contraindicated.  

If you chose/refuse to vaccinate your dog you agree to participate in training at your own risk and at the risk of your animal. Owners are solely responsible for their unvaccinated animal(s). 

Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records to the first class so that we may view them; we do not keep records.

COVID-19 Policies

Our priority – as it has always been- is keeping people and dogs safe. The Inquisitive Canine follows current CDC and Santa Barbara Public Health recommendations regarding COVID-19. Rescheduling is necessary if either party is ill or has been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID. (1 week for group classes, 48 hours for private training.) Students who want to attend need to be vaccinated. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our ongoing dedication to keeping you and your families safe, today and always. Thank you for your cooperation.

Canceled Classes

If the class for which you’ve registered is canceled, you can either receive a credit for the registration amount toward a future class or you’ll be issued a full refund in the manner in which you’ve originally paid.

Refund Policies

Group Classes and Workshops

Cancelation of classes and workshops must be requested one week or more before start date of first class. A refund minus $15.00 service fee will issued if cancelled within the mentioned timeframe. After that, no refunds will be issued. No refunds for no-shows. No make-up classes will be offered. Students are welcome to send another person to work with their dog as long as that person signs a waiver and is acting as the dog’s caregiver.


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